April 5, 2017

Insights from Comparative Genomics of the Genus Salmonella

Submitted: May 5th 2016 | Reviewed: December 1st 2016 | Published: April 5th 2017 | DOI: 10.5772/67131

Trudy M. Wassenaar, Se-Ran Jun, Visanu Wanchai, Preecha Patumcharoenpol, Intawat Nookaew, Katrina Schlum, Michael R. Leuze and David W. Ussery


Comparative genomics have become a standard approach to gain insights into the inter – relationships of microorganisms. Here, we have applied variable bioinformatic tech – niques to compare over 200 Salmonella genomes. First, we present a tree of all sequenced different members of the Enterobacteriaceae family, based on comparison of average amino acid identities. This technique was also applied to zoom in on the genomes of the genus Salmonella . The pan and core genomes of this genus were established and com – pared to experimental data available on the literature that identified essential genes. Difficulties and shortcomings of both approaches are discussed. Metabolic pathways unique for Salmonella were identified. Finally, we present an analysis of genes coding for small RNAs, an important part of the genetic repertoire of bacteria that is often ignored. The findings reported here are discussed and compared with available literature.

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