February 14, 2018

Informatics Track, First in U.S., Has Key CTSA Role

Amy Jones, M.S., often studies at a back table at Cheers in the Heights restaurant in Little Rock, where she also waitresses. Over the years she’s come to know the regulars, who include UAMS physicians and researchers. They’ve watched her grow up there, she said, and they have always encouraged her scholarship. Last summer when she mentioned her plans to apply for UAMS’ new Clinical Research Informatics Certificate program, she got an enthusiastic response from a UAMS faculty physician based at Arkansas Children’s…

Today Jones is part of the seven-student inaugural graduate certificate class. “We’re excited,” said Meredith Zozus, Ph.D., who led development of the curriculum as associate professor and vice chair for academic programs at the Department of Biomedical Informatics in the College of Medicine. “It’s a really big deal at UAMS, and it’s an advance for TRI – our CTSA (Clinical and Translational Science Award) Program.”