Biomedical Informatics Graduate Program  

Summer 2019 Class Schedule

Course CodeCourse NameCourse SectionCourse Director
BMIG 5013Health Information Systems1Melody Penning
BMIG 5113Healthcare in the US1Joseph Jensen
BMIG 5010Project Rotations in Biomedical Informatics1Lawrence Tarbox
BMIG 6101Fundamentals of Managing Research Data1Joseph Bonner
BMIG 5801Capstone Course1Meredith Zozus
BMIG 5801Capstone Course2Thomas Powell
BMIG 5801Capstone Course3David Ussery
BMIG 5801Capstone Course4Lawrence Tarbox
BMIG 5800Thesis1Meredith Zozus
BMIG 5800Thesis2Tom Powell
BMIG 5800Thesis3David Ussery

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*Teaching Schedule Update 04/09/2019

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Certificate Plan-of-Work Template (Word file download)

IDP_Template (Word document download)

UAMS Graduate School Catalog

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