December 20, 2018

Genome Sequence of the Oocydin A-Producing Rhizobacterium Serratia plymuthica 4Rx5

Matilla MA1,2, Udaondo Z3, Salmond GPC1. Abstract Serratia plymuthica 4Rx5 was isolated from the rhizosphere of oilseed rape due to its antagonistic properties against plant-pathogenic fungi. The strain 4Rx5 produces the antifungal and antioomycete haterumalide, oocydin A. Analysis of its genome revealed the presence of various gene clusters putatively involved in the biosynthesis of additional secondary metabolites….

December 18, 2018

Genome Sequences of Zika Virus Strains Recovered from Amniotic Fluid, Placenta, and Fetal Brain of a Microcephaly Patient in Thailand, 2017

Wongsurawat T1, Jenjaroenpun P1, Athipanyasilp N2, Kaewnapan B2, Leelahakorn N2, Angkasekwinai N3, Kantakamalakul W2, Sutthent R2, Ussery DW1,4, Horthongkham N2, Nookaew I1,4. Abstract We present here the complete genome sequences of Zika virus strains isolated from aborted fetal tissue (brain and placenta) and amniotic fluid of a microcephaly patient in Thailand in 2017. The virus genomes that were sequenced have an average length of 10,807…

November 27, 2018

Author Correction: Imaging and clinical data archive for head and neck squamous cell carcinoma patients treated with radiotherapy

Grossberg AJ1,2, Mohamed ASR3,4, Elhalawani H3, Bennett WC5, Smith KE5, Nolan TS5, Williams B3, Chamchod S3,6, Heukelom J3,7, Kantor ME3, Browne T3, Hutcheson KA8, Gunn GB3, Garden AS3, Morrison WH3, Frank SJ3, Rosenthal DI3, Freymann JB9, Fuller CD10. Abstract In the original version of the Data Descriptor the surname of author Hesham Elhalawani was misspelled. This has now been corrected in the HTML and PDF versions. Erratum for Imaging and clinical data archive…

November 1, 2018

A Database Study of Visual Outcomes and Intraoperative Complications of Postvitrectomy Cataract Surgery

Soliman MK1, Hardin JS2, Jawed F3, Uwaydat SH2, Faramawi MF4, Chu CJ5, Yang YC6, Sallam AB7. Abstract PURPOSE: To analyze the visual outcomes and rate of intraoperative complications of phacoemulsification surgery after prior pars plana vitrectomy (PPV). DESIGN: Retrospective, multicenter database study. PARTICIPANTS: Eyes that underwent phacoemulsification between June 2005 and March 2015 at 8 sites in the United Kingdom. METHODS: Study…

September 13, 2018

RNA-Seq Analysis of Spinal Cord Tissues from hPFN1G118V Transgenic Mouse Model of ALS at Pre-symptomatic and End-Stages of Disease

Barham C1, Fil D1,2, Byrum SD3, Rahmatallah Y4, Glazko G4, Kiaei M5,6,7. Abstract Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS) is a fatal neurodegenerative disease that leads to the loss of motor neurons. The molecular mechanisms of motor neuron degeneration are largely unknown and there are currently no effective therapies to treat this disease. In this work, we report whole transcriptome profiling of…

September 6, 2018

Toward predictive R-loop computational biology: genome-scale prediction of R-loops reveals their association with complex promoter structures, G-quadruplexes and transcriptionally active enhancers

Kuznetsov VA1,2, Bondarenko V1, Wongsurawat T1,3, Yenamandra SP1, Jenjaroenpun P1,3. PMID: 30053183 | PMCID: PMC6125685 | DOI: 10.1093/nar/gky690 Free PMC Article

September 4, 2018

Imaging and clinical data archive for head and neck squamous cell carcinoma patients treated with radiotherapy

Grossberg AJ1,2, Mohamed ASR1,3, Elhalawani H1, Bennett WC4, Smith KE4, Nolan TS4, Williams B1, Chamchod S1,5, Heukelom J1,6, Kantor ME1, Browne T1, Hutcheson KA7, Gunn GB1, Garden AS1, Morrison WH1, Frank SJ1, Rosenthal DI1, Freymann JB8, Fuller CD1. Erratum in Author Correction: Imaging and clinical data archive for head and neck squamous cell carcinoma patients treated with radiotherapy. [Sci Data. 2018] Abstract Cross sectional imaging is essential for the patient-specific planning and delivery of…

September 1, 2018

The effect of aging on the autophagic and heat shock response in human peripheral blood mononuclear cells

McCormick JJ1, VanDusseldorp TA1,2, Ulrich CG1, Lanphere RL3, Dokladny K4, Mosely PL5, Mermier CM1. Abstract Autophagy is a lysosome degradation pathway through which damaged organelles and macromolecules are degraded within the cell. A decrease in activity of the autophagic process has been linked to several age-associated pathologies, including triglyceride accumulation, mitochondrial dysfunction, muscle degeneration, and cardiac malfunction. Here, we examined the…

August 16, 2018

Gene Expression Differences in Pediatric Lymphatic Malformations: Size Really Matters

Gomez-Acevedo H1, Dornhoffer JR2, Stone A3,4, Dai Y5, Richter GT6,7. Abstract Lymphatic malformations (LMs) are congenital vascular anomalies characterized by dilated and cystic lymphatic channels. They are subdivided into macrocystic and microcystic lesions based upon the predominant size of the cysts involved. However, significant differences in clinical characteristics, treatment outcomes, and prognosis between macrocytic and microcytic disease suggest variation…

August 6, 2018

PARP1 Is Up-Regulated in Non-small Cell Lung Cancer Tissues in the Presence of the Cyanobacterial Toxin Microcystin

Apopa PL1, Alley L1, Penney RB2, Arnaoutakis K3, Steliga MA3, Jeffus S4, Bircan E1, Gopalan B5, Jin J1, Patumcharoenpol P6, Jenjaroenpun P6, Wongsurawat T6, Shah N7, Boysen G2, Ussery D6, Nookaew I6, Fagan P8, Bebek G9,10,11, Orloff MS1,3. Abstract Non-small cell lung cancer (NSCLC) is the major form of lung cancer, with adenocarcinoma (LUAD) and squamous cell carcinoma (LUSC) being its major subtypes. Smoking alone cannot completely explain the lung cancer etiology. We…

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