August 2, 2017

Arkansas Clinical Data Repository (AR-CDR)

Biomedical Ontologies Arkansas (BOAR)

The Arkansas Clinical Data Repository (AR-CDR) is a research data warehouse that provides a single and secure source of data for use in clinical and translational research. Since its launch in 2011, the AR-CDR has enabled UAMS researchers and faculty to conduct high quality, timely and efficient clinical and translational research. The AR-CDR houses data…

July 14, 2017

Arkansas Center for Genomic & Ecological Medicine (ArC-GEM)

ArC-GEM website graphic

Under Dr. David Ussery’s leadership, the Arkansas Center for Genomic & Ecological Medicine’s (ArC-GEM) work in third-generation sequencing has exciting potential applications for a range of emerging infections, including current collaboration with the Arkansas Department of Health on a project that could lead to rapid diagnosis of the Zika virus. Biomedical informatics extracts knowledge from…

Biomedical Ontologies Arkansas (BOAR)

BOAR website

Under the direction of Dr. Mathias Brochhausen, the Biomedical Ontologies Arkansas (BOAR) mission is to improve the gathering, managing, transforming and sharing of biomedical data. Biomedical Data is data created to better understand health, disease, and their biological foundations. Biomedical Ontologies are integral in integrating and interpreting the biomedical data.