January 1, 2018

13: The Role of Axiomatically-Rich Ontologies in Transforming Medical Data to Knowledge

Stud Health Technol Inform. 2018;249:38-49

Brochhausen M, Bona J, Blobel B


In the biomedical domain, there exist a number of common data models (CDM) that have experienced wide uptake. However, none of these has emerged as the common model. Recently, the demand for integrating and analyzing increasingly large data sets in clinical and translational research has led to numerous efforts to harmonize existing CDMs and integrate data curated based on those models. These efforts raise the question of how to appropriately represent the semantics of data, and, furthermore, they highlight the fact that quite often different groups have greatly different definitions of ‘semantics’. The question of how to formally assure that mappings between CDMs are correct is often overlooked. The answer to these challenges lies in…

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